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Bob Besch - From a thread about old movie houses: There may be some mistakes (it's hard to read the old microfilm) but this list of theaters is from the paper June 4, 1943. As you can see, there are over 120 theaters here. Does anybody have any memories of them? Ace - ... - 0 Likes

Warren McBride - OTTAWA: Earth Day -Tuesday April 22. Listen to CBC Radio's All In A Day at 5:45 pm. The director of the documentary Honour Your Word, Martha Stiegman, and Barriere Lake spokesperson, Michel Thusky, will be discussing the documentary and the situation at Barrie... - 0 Likes

Snow Roselynn Jones - I have such a huge block list holy shit Paul Wassillie Albert Anvil Unblock Randi Jo Fogle-Molter Unblock Steven John Walker Junior Unblock Breonna J Stephens Unblock John Waskey Unblock Mackenzie Rae Hurd Unblock Maryanna Panigkaq Black Unblock Zurk Junio... - 0 Likes

Molly Garner - Next year in Lake Hope. Martha Sorohan Bob Day Sara Snyder BreitzmannMeghan Sorohan BreitzmannKatie Sorohan Yuen Missy Sorohan Matt Skala - 0 Likes

CUPE 4600 - Tonight at the Mayfair! - 0 Likes

Albert Dumont - Happy Earth Day! Which is EVERY day, right? Here's a friendly reminder to please take the time today, April 22 at 6:30 p.m. to see “Honour Your Word”, a documentary film about the Algonquins of Barriere Lake by Martha Stiegman being launched at the Mayfair The... - 0 Likes

The Kensington - Assisted Living - This is the last day to vote for our painting in the ALFA Senior Living Art Showcase contest! So if you haven't taken the time yet please click the link and like our photo, "The Wonder of a Sunset" Thank you all for your support! - 0 Likes

UCI and FSP Death Row Raiford - The homicide of Robert Hendrix is planned for Wednesday, April 23 at 6PM. It is not too late to contact Gov. Rick Scott and ask him to convene the Board of Clemency to commute Robert Hendrix’s death sentence. Tell him to suspend ALL executions. Governor Rick S... - 0 Likes

Bear Valley Community Hospital - Easter Extravaganza Basket Drawing Results! Childrens bikes: Jenna Fagan. Redneck basket: Jenna Fagan. Kids Toy Basket: Kathy Norris (donated to a needy child) Beach Basket: Kathy Norris (donated to Ray's Low Down, April 30 at the new Big Bear Lake Brewing ... - 0 Likes

Ernest and Celestine - **New theater and festival list as of 4/22** Check out our updated list of theaters and festivals for ERNEST & CELESTINE! NOW PLAYING Portland, OR – Regal Fox Tower (ENDS 4/24) Chicago, IL – Music Box Theatre (ENDS 4/24) Tucson, AZ – The Loft Cinema (ENDS 4/... - 0 Likes

Harry Misao - PLIZ TAKE TIME TO READ THIS Is Satan behind a lot of pop music? Let's look at the evidence Hello everybody. I believe Satan and his angels literally exists. The Bible is clear that Satan is deceiving the whole world (Rev. 12:9). You may have heard the grea... - 0 Likes

Lady Percy - For those of you who are anxiously awaiting to see her Grace, she has given me her schedule for this upcoming progress season. So, without further ado, here is a partial listing of the dates and events that her Grace, Lady Percy, shall be attending. May 17-1... - 0 Likes

Ben Ware - Dear Facebook folks, As Martha and I prepare to move across the country, we are going to be selling most of our stuff, so please take a look to see if you would want anything, and share with your friends! First items: kayaks! Kind regards, Ben We've got two k... - 0 Likes

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