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Bit Harrell - Friday evening I took my daughters and niece riding to a few of the most special places on planet earth. Little Creek, Dry Branch Hollow, Rt. 42, and Mechanicsburg. Told them lots of stories and withheld on many they don't need to know about. I rode those same... - 0 Likes

Donna Durbin - SENIOR ALERT - 14 YEARS OLD!!!! ON URGENT LIST!!! Pudge - Beagle/Bassett Hound (mix) Wayne County HS - Wooster, OH (bs) We have the best fans around for sh... - 0 Likes

Jeff Roche - Just finished the first long run of the season. 11 miles that included Flickinger Hill from the backside - Overton to Mechanicsburg - Wooster folks know what what that means. I'm not saying it's long and steep, but I think I saw a a tram off to the right. - 0 Likes

Dogs' Rights Saints - Wooster, Ohio. This senior pup NEEDS OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T LET THIS SENIOR PUP'S FINAL MOMENTS BE IN A KENNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE SHARE SO THAT THIS PUP CAN BE SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 0 Likes

Rocky Allen Band - Big week ahead for us, heading down to the Boathouse Bar n Grill (Harvey's Lake, PA) to compete for Froggy 101's opening act competition. Then Saturday night we travel on over to Mechanicsburg for our show at Buck Wild's Rode House! - 0 Likes

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