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The village of Sheffield, Ohio has a population of 2949 and ranked #382 by population in the state. Sheffield has 1147 households and a total area of 10.82 sq. miles w/ a population density of 272.6 people per sq. mile and approx. 2.6 people per household. Data according to 2000 census.

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Sheffield Ohio
Sheffield Ohio
Sheffield Ohio
Sheffield Ohio

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Jim Sheffield - Happening currently.....wutcha know about my life? - 0 Likes

Brittani Sheffield - You deserve everything your heart desires and let noone tell you different. Good Night. - 0 Likes


Gary Burrell - Fell sorry for u bros - 0 Likes

Yanna Lil'bit Sheffield - Nosey bitches be like "who's that ?" & I be Bitch that's bae don't let that bother you llf :) - 0 Likes

Aldo Yael Calderón - (Whatever you do) I'll be two steps behind you (Wherever you go) And I'll be there to remind you That it only takes a minute of your precious time To turn around and I'll be two steps behind - 0 Likes

Smook Sheffield - I'm slowly starting to eliminate non existence shit in my life cause it's messing wit me mentally .. 😑 Goodnight - 0 Likes

Panit Law - Goodbye Sheffield, till we meet again. - 0 Likes

Angus Mckay - Need to post this wee song again. Its awesome. We gave it our best shot. - 0 Likes

Daina Kelly - Totally got this song stuck in my head those Scottish! - 0 Likes

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