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The city of Cut Bank, Montana has a population of 3105 and ranked #33 by population in the state. Cut Bank has 1492 households and a total area of 0.98 sq. miles w/ a population density of 3168.4 people per sq. mile and approx. 2.1 people per household. Data according to 2000 census.

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Ryan Towell - "You all didn't have the "Green thing" back in your day! In the line at the store, the cashier told the older woman that plastic bags weren't good for the environment. The woman apologized to her and explained, we didn't have the "green thing" back in my day.... - 0 Likes

Vivek Singh - Israelis and Arabs have been fighting over Gaza on and off, for decades. It's part of the wider Arab Israeli conflict. After World War II and the Holocaust in which six million Jewish people were killed, more Jewish people wanted their own country. They were g... - 0 Likes

B.l. Cozad Jr - The Rothschild's family and the international banking cartel they've created and used to steal the wealth of the American people for the last 100 years are becoming more exposed every day. Below is an article that you will never see on the television, but it ... - 0 Likes

Vikas Sinha - CAT new pattern !!!!!!!!!!!! 170 minutes 50 questions in each sections now The countdown for MBA aspirants has begun as the Common Admission Test (CAT) conducting body - Indian Institute of Management, Indore (IIM-I) - on Saturday announced the dates for the... - 0 Likes

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Andrea Green - From one of my favorite films (IMBd) "I want rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers... - 0 Likes

Thomas Mick - Operation Choke Point Hearing Reveals DOJ Threats And Strong-Arming By Jonah Bennett A Justice Department fraud prevention program came under fire Thursday for allegedly morphing into actively pressuring banks to deny financial services to businesses for pol... - 0 Likes

William Thompson - I never realized what cut-throat competition existed among Big Brothers/Big Sisters. You’ll may remember Michelle Gelback Smith receiving the Jeffersonville Rotary Club’s Gold Leaf award for “service above self” for her work with BBBS. So Keri Beth Barnes La... - 0 Likes

Iqbal Latif - 100 years of being on the wrong side of history have some consequences. History leaves some hard trails behinds, future generations have a task, either they learn and grow or become vindictive and venomous! Regrettably I can see what this nation have become. E... - 0 Likes

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