The city of St. Joseph, Missouri has a population of 73990 and ranked #6 by population in the state. St. Joseph has 31752 households and a total area of 43.84 sq. miles w/ a population density of 1687.7 people per sq. mile and approx. 2.3 people per household. Data according to 2000 census.

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Ann Pecson Bitancur - grade 2 St. Joseph!!! - 0 Likes

Patricia Starks - Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter Shameka Stewart. 37 years ago I was standing in church and felt something warm running down my leg woops it was my water breaking, went straight across the street to St. Joseph Hospital gave birth to a beautiful baby g... - 0 Likes

Lee Regala - Mulching @ St Joseph Catholic Church!!!! - 0 Likes

Shari Goodell - Update on aunt Leslie A Madick-Parvin-she had a great night! Woke this morning rested and talking like crazy! Pathology won't be back till Monday! She is at St. Joseph hospital! Love u auntie <3 - 0 Likes

Darrell Broome - Newly recruited from the Pacific Northwest League, boyish left-hander Jimmy St. Vrain pitched capably for the Chicago Cubs in early part of the 1902 season. Plagued by poor defensive support – more than one-third of the runs surrendered by St. Vrain were unear... - 0 Likes

Fatima Paschal - New friends filipina at st. Joseph plentong church.. - 0 Likes

FirstChristian Church - This is the prayer pastor Brian Kirk shared at Monday night's PFLAG St Joseph meeting, honoring the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Please take a moment to pray this prayer yourself: God full of mercy, bless the Trangender persons who are in our hearts in t... - 0 Likes

Darwin Martin House - Last Saturday, at the Martin House Gala, the Buffalo Choral Arts Society surprised our guests with a choral flash mob. Their voices filled Rich's atrium. If you want to experience the sheer volume of their spectacular voices please join them Sunday, December 7... - 0 Likes

Sweet Memories Vinyl Records UK - Get your vinyl records here Audiophiles are clamboring more and more not for the digital experience but the retro side of sound, with vinyl LPs, vintage and modern, making a comeback. Vinyl record sales have been dramatically in... - 0 Likes

St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church - Congratulations to the 90 SJTW children making their First Reconciliation today! To prepare for today, they’ve attended classes and a weekend workshop (photos are from their workshop). Following the First Reconciliation Service, the students will enjoy a re... - 0 Likes

St. Joseph Manor - Saturday's Daily Reminders: 4:00 PM MASS - 0 Likes

St Joseph Scollard Hall Bears Music - North bay Santa Claus parade tomorrow!! We can't wait to play for everybody! Hopefully the weather holds up, see you there! - 0 Likes

Mooresville Arts - LOOK WHAT IS HAPPENING IN DOWNTOWN MOORESVILLE! November 23rd "Cotton" Ketchie's Annual Holiday Open House & Book Launch will be held at Landmark Galleries in Downtown Mooresville. November 25 - Mooresville Christmas Parade | The 70th Annual Mooresville Chr... - 0 Likes

St. Joseph Parish, York - The Magnificat Prayer Group welcomes all to a Charismatic Mass with prayers for healing at 7PM on Thursday, 4 December, 2014, at St. Joseph Church, York. Prelude music will begin at 6:30pm. Fr. Louis will administer the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick to ... - 0 Likes

Police Force and Military Community - Here is a dangerous man. His name is Joseph Lunsford. He works in the Minneapolis St Paul Area as a child counselor for Family Innovations, but his degree is as an Army Chaplain. He used a prayer.fasting group at church that he was leading to try to seduce ... - 0 Likes

Roch Mikulak - Another wonderful guest here at Roch and Bobby's, My longtime friend from my St Joseph Villa Days in Cincinnati. Ms Deborah Hunter Lmt - 0 Likes

Cynthia Cayetano - Career day at St. Joseph yesterday. We aim high Superintendent we aspire for. - 0 Likes

Dominic Wong - I was at St Joseph Church(Victoria Street) looking around and saw a baptism in progress but nobody was photographing it. The desire to help out was so great and I did just that, since I had the camera in hand. When it was time for me to leave, the baptism se... - 0 Likes

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