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Amanda Garrison - Garage sale tomorrow starting at 8am! 9182 cherry lane, Pevely, MO - 0 Likes

Bill Slinkard - Ps2 with guitar hero and surround sound dvd player forty for both, games included. Located in pevely - 0 Likes

Lisa Marie Logan - Biggest damn pet peve...if u don't wanna do something as planned...dont say yes and bs...cuz l wouldn't do it to you! Its hurtful and dissapointing! Just be honest!! -_- #Jusssayin #dontbs - 0 Likes

Aaron Barnett - Age I was given: 16 Where I lived: pevely What I drove: dads truck What I did: school Who had my heart: Stefanie hamman Age Now: 21 Where I live: pevely What I drive: dakota What I do: live life Who Has my heart: Kelsie Ann Marie Norton Like my status and I wi... - 0 Likes

Luz Almanza - Biggest pet peve is when someone writes "your" instead of "you're" Like whyyyy 😠 - 0 Likes

Ashley Louise Price - Anyone wanna take me to pevely so I can take my drivers test??!!... Oh, and let me drive your car while I'm taking the test??! :) - 0 Likes

Fay McKee Rorie - Jim and I attended the most amazing and powerful service tonight at the First Baptist Church of Herculaneum/Pevely. - 0 Likes

Jeremy Postlethwait - Can't hardly wait till me and a few of my friends embark on a journey to pevely, MO next weekend for some world of outlaw action!!!! David Postlethwait Curtis Mansfield Leif Landreth Jaysen Baker!! I'm stocked to the max!! Kolten Gouse Mandy Ward Pittman - 0 Likes

Erin Immken Boehm - Beautiful Good Friday church service at herky/pevely baptist church. Probably the most amazing service I have ever attended. Did wonders for my mindset. If you haven't given God a try, you really should. He's awesome. - 0 Likes

Julie Digar - can anyone tell me if the pevely flea market is still going? - 0 Likes

Linda Nettles - Ok gang! We need to get these votes up!! We have until May 9, so lets get voting and win this for Kent!! Click on pic and follow information and then share with your friends. Thank you all for your support!! - 0 Likes

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