The town of Welsh, Louisiana has a population of 3380 and ranked #140 by population in the state. Welsh has 1370 households and a total area of 6.22 sq. miles w/ a population density of 543.4 people per sq. mile and approx. 2.5 people per household. Data according to 2000 census.

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British Embassy in Algeria - Good morning all, Today we celebrate Saint David's Day (Welsh: Dydd Gŵyl Dewi). It is the feast day of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales, and falls on 1 March each year. - 0 Likes

Benedictine Nuns, Holy Trinity Monastery - Today, on the Second Sunday of Lent, we pray that we may be transfigured by God's mercy and love; for all who would normally be celebrating St David on this day, especially our Welsh friends, and those named for the saint; for the friends we may have lost touc... - 0 Likes

The Barry Horns - Dydd Gŵyl Dewi! / Happy St. David's Day. This is one of the most beautiful Welsh songs - Suo Gân. Spielberg put it in the opening of Empire of the Sun partly because Bale - the other Bale - was from Pembrokeshire. It's the sweetest of lullabies. https://ww... - 0 Likes

Jacqueline Harries Rees - THEY MOVE WITH SUCH GRACE ..<3 - 0 Likes

Chip Miles - - 0 Likes

Prima Vista Musikk - Celebrate St David's Day with MEN OF HARLECH Arranged by Gareth Wood Men of Harlech occupies an important place in Welsh national culture and gained international recognition when it was featured prominently in the 1964 film Zulu. This new arrangement comes ... - 0 Likes

QPR FC - Happy Saint David's Day to all our Welsh supporters! To celebrate #StDavidsDay we’ve listed our top 10 QPR FC Wales internationals; Agree with our selection? #WalesRs - 0 Likes

Football Association Of Wales - HAPPY ST DAVIDS DAY! PROUD TO BE WELSH, TODAY AND EVERY DAY. Gorau chwarae cyd chwarae. - 0 Likes

Wales Online - Happy St David's Day Wales... - 0 Likes

Best In Show Daily - Belle-City KC The Terrier Group Judge: Mrs. Cindy Meyer 1st: Welsh Terrier GCH Abbeyrose Black Diamond #BISDaily - 0 Likes

Thomson Cruises - It's St David's Day. Let's say a big hello to all our Welsh fans! - 0 Likes

Paul Hollywood - Happy St David's Day! Who's eating Welsh Cakes today? Find the recipe in my book British Baking. - 0 Likes

Petie Barre - ... ;) - 0 Likes

Lokomotiv Language Link, Moscow - It's here! It's the big one! A Happy St David's Day to our Welsh contingent. And a special mention for Luke... the North Welsh Wizard... whose team Wrexham have reached the FA Trophy final at Wembley Stadium here in England :) And the Welsh rugby team yeste... - 0 Likes

Leanne Wood - Are we Welsh going to get riled at this? If they get their way & slash the Welsh budget, the cuts will be deep. Some public services will no doubt have to be discontinued. If you know anyone in Wales thinking of voting for the right, please make sure they know... - 0 Likes

James Robson - Another day, another yoga class to kick off. Happy St Davids Day my Welsh friends. - 0 Likes

The Great British Nappy Hunt - St David (Dewi Sant) is the patron saint of Wales and his life is celebrated on 1st March each year. You can read more about St David here Families across Wales wi... - 0 Likes

The Ambulance Crew Diary - Happy St David's day to all you Welsh lovelies and loveliessess have a great day wherever you are! - 0 Likes

Birmingham Hippodrome - Join us on Thursday 5 and Friday 6 March at 7.15pm for an irrepressibly entertaining evening as we host Welsh National Opera performing Mozart's The Magic Flute - a rich mix of comedy, pantomime, philosophy and religion with surreal staging featuring an angry ... - 0 Likes

Benefit Cosmetics UK - To all of our Welsh Benebabes... sending you lots of love and liner! - 0 Likes

The Welsh T Band - One month to go to April Fool's Day. Can we get 428 more views on our game of musical chairs before then? Of course we can. Please share! Thank you! - 0 Likes

David Smith - Yes I know...they are not Welsh - 0 Likes

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