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The town of Haughton, Louisiana has a population of 2792 and ranked #155 by population in the state. Haughton has 1169 households and a total area of 4.22 sq. miles w/ a population density of 661.6 people per sq. mile and approx. 2.4 people per household. Data according to 2000 census.

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Sharon Bell - It's nearly 2 weeks since we received the "GUILTY" verdict so I think it's time that I put a post on here. Firstly we are so relieved that the verdict was, in our opinion, the right one. We now have to wait for the sentencing which is 30th October or maybe a c... - 0 Likes

Ra'ed BeautifulMusic Scrap - - I'm A Loner & Tonight Is No Different. So, I'm Currently Zoned Out to Aaliyah Dana Haughton 1979-2001 R.I.P. #InMyOwnWorld - 0 Likes

King K Haughton - Lmfao My mom kills me with jks xD Yvette Haughton - 0 Likes

Dave 'mcfc' Haughton - I think I'll stick to my way of getting rid of headache..its called - 0 Likes

Sandi Haughton Fulmer - I heard from Vickie Register Hughes sister Pat. She said surgery went well this morning and Vickie was still in recovery this afternoon, being moved to a room this evening. I will try to get more information tomorrow. Good news, God is great...prayers ARE for ... - 0 Likes

Suzanne Broussard Sims - Come on gators!! Vote!!!! He outperformed Parkway and Haughton. More yards!!! Vote now!!!! - 0 Likes

Aaliyah Haughton - No one gets realer than your parents; they compliment you behind your back, but talk reckless to your face. Love my A1 since Day 1: Valerie Lucas <3 - 0 Likes

Brinton Haughton Jr. - Up up up!!!!! Persons Of Interest!! - 0 Likes

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