The village of Huntley, Illinois has a population of 5730 and ranked #290 by population in the state. Huntley has 2501 households and a total area of 11.72 sq. miles w/ a population density of 488.9 people per sq. mile and approx. 2.3 people per household. Data according to 2000 census.

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Quhan SO Huntley - Never fails ,always upp late as hell. To much on mi mind - 0 Likes

Gardalits Péter - You are crazy Huntley Brown, you've made my day by this video )))) - 0 Likes

Madison Huntley - Hit Like if you don't eat processed meats - 0 Likes

Pat Huntley - Happy birthday to my son inlaw you are one of the best always there for me xxxx Stuart Ellis - 0 Likes

Lewis Leathers - "Somewhere to go on a Saturday night... you can muck about with your own mates." Here's the first of today's two video clips, from the Huntley Film Archives. Though the footage is heavily watermarked, the Lewis Leathers jackets are unmistakable including Fath... - 0 Likes

Eric Huntley - A few people have asked, so I'll just post it. Yes, this girl is related to me. She's my brothers daughter. And yes, she was in a crosswalk. - 0 Likes

Art by Will Huntley - Are you dressing up for Halloween? If what?? - 0 Likes

Horace Huntley Haughton - Johnny Manziel to the Jets - 0 Likes

Horace Huntley Haughton - NEW!! Meek Mill Ft. Lil Boosie - F*ck You Mean || Thisis50|| SMS Audio #NewMusic - 0 Likes

Renee Henry - Check out this clip from Logan and his huntley class mates testing out their skills at capital E in Wellington .....Logan's part is at 4mins, his story line is about a 12yr old rugby player on steroids, so funny and very well done boys. Arnold Henry Marie Sca... - 0 Likes

Stuart Piper - Memphis press night tonight! Break a leg Tyrone William Wray Huntley - 0 Likes

David Barnett - Posted this clip on here nearly a year ago , well worth another look - 0 Likes

Phylis Ristow Huntley - Why don't we see Muslim followers out on the streets condemning these actions......let me know so I can join them? - 0 Likes

Kellie Huntley - I have 2 of these sets for sale brand new still in the box, slight dents to bottom of the wardrobe but nothing major. £150 per set. Collection only - 0 Likes

Lisa Joanne Huntley - Had a superb meal out with some of the 'sane' people in my family last night! Wonderful evening. Robert Huntley You should have come Lauren Jade McGuinness the food was lovely. x - 0 Likes

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