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The CDP of Strawberry, California has a population of 5302 and ranked #583 by population in the state. Strawberry has 2513 households and a total area of 1.36 sq. miles w/ a population density of 3898.5 people per sq. mile and approx. 2.1 people per household. Data according to 2000 census.

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Strawberry California
Strawberry California
Strawberry California
Strawberry California

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Stacia Stackin Joyner - Roast Mac & cheese potatoes carrots cornbread. Cheese cake for desert with strawberries. That's my Sunday y'all have bless one tho 😘 - 0 Likes

Kate Bryant - £700 raised at this years Strawberry Tea yesterday 🎀🍓bringing total to 5.5k - 0 Likes

John Glenmore - Baby Z full of strawberries ... - 0 Likes

Mary Beth Wiley Smith-Hynes - Brendan did this with sugar then graduated to a full bottle of strawberry syrup. The kitchen looked like a CSI crime scene and I was sure he'd tapped an artery. - 0 Likes

Michelle Thompson - I have decided that I will no longer be doing photography as my job after my last session in November. It is crazy how life has changed so quickly, and i want to emphasize *SOOO QUICKLY*, but it is an obvious choice that needed to be made. It was sad when I fi... - 0 Likes

Kelli Kay - Selling for a client. We have had Strawberry for a couple months now and can't find any holes in her. She quickly became the kids favorite horse. We have had kids that have never ridden on her, green and experienced riders. We've used her for lessons, anyone c... - 0 Likes

Nadiyah Boone - Whoever invented white chocolate hates my soul... Inventer of chocolate covered strawberries...I LOVE YOU, CALL ME. - 0 Likes

dEMOTIONAL - Ck making "strawberry daiquiris" and sharing some information about our big show in Växjö :) - 0 Likes

Le-Vel - My name is Miranda Snay, I'm 20 years young. I'm from Western Oklahoma and this is my THRIVE EXPERIENCE! Four months ago, I was completely lost. I had been to a new level of mental and emotional stress and I was seeking something to help pull me out of the f... - 0 Likes

Charlotte Evans - This is how you make banana and strawberry smoothies!!! - 0 Likes

Jaye Ferrone - For sale! 1950s Pat Primo California Strawberry Fields Forever day dress:) Chambray with little red and pink embroidered strawberries all over, and 8 small red strawberry (non-functional) buttons down the bodice. Metal zipper up the back and full skirt. Fits l... - 0 Likes

Hillary Rumble - Good haul from the farmers market in liberty today. So grateful that it's there! These strawberries have so much flavor and everything is still warm from the sun. Amazing. #localorganic - 0 Likes

Sophie Bolan - My skin has come out in loads of hives! Has strawberry daiquiri drinking finally taken its toll? Fml. - 0 Likes

Ryan Paskiewicz - Ground cherries. Aka Strawberry Husk tomato. Nice, sweet berry like flavor! A fun plant to grow. Seed from Baker Creek. - 0 Likes

Lisa Jane Thomas - Lovely family get together for nains 90th ate far too many of Amy's chocolate strawberries!!! Yum :) - 0 Likes

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