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Karen McDonald - Mr Gary Barlow was bloody brilliantly amazing - thank you Julie Thatcher xxx - 0 Likes

Deidre Caywood - I had an oh so fabulous day with Brian Thatcher (: - 0 Likes

Brittany Weems - S/O to Paul Thatcher for sleeping on the couch & letting Me && Bentley have the whole bed !! 😘 😘 #HAPPY3YEARS! - 0 Likes

Robert Livingstone - Sue Jones 'Recession under Thatcher, Major, and this Govt. Funny how labour managed to shield us from the worst of the global crash, and the moment we have the tories in office, people suffer again. Things are never this bleak under labour, they always are und... - 0 Likes

John Dutton - Ah, so that's what Thatcher and Reagan meant by trickle down, then? - 0 Likes

John Dutton - Ah, so that's what Thatcher and Reagan meant by trickle down, then? - 0 Likes

John Beard - 30 years ago we the miners went on strike and took the Thatcher government on for over a year we where let down by our own who worked while we where fighting the police everyday and getting arrested and beaten for those who stopped out on strike till the end y... - 0 Likes

Heath Atom Russell - "Well-behaved women seldom make history." - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich I live my life based on this philosophy. Dare to be a daring woman. Stand up and fight. - 0 Likes

Sharon Walker - I miss my old desk in Kansas City. Sitting by Robin Utter-Duncan, Debbie Lovewell , Pamela Sweazy Branson and Taina Thatcher.. Talking to techs, using my Marge Simpson voice... Those were the days :( - 0 Likes

Kris Wardle - Massive thank you to Hayley Wilkinson n Kelvin James Wilkinson for lovely Easter party yesterday.. I have a vague memory of discussing Maggie Thatcher inventing Mr Whippy ice-cream with Richard Peddie?!?😳 - 0 Likes

Faizul Kabir - I always admire strong women who has the conviction to pursue their dreams. Believe me they stop at nothing! - 0 Likes

Mikey Bonser - Had a fab night as Bananaman at Ian Cadwallader's 40th birthday. Margaret Thatcher (John ) won best fancy dress costume and the performers were excellent. Happy birthday Ian xxx - 0 Likes

Channel 4 News - When Liverpool last won the title in 1990, Margaret Thatcher was still in power, the Soviet Union was in crisis and we were still wearing neon colours. What else has changed? - 0 Likes

James Morgan - I found this excellent page tonight and am watching the video clips. :) - 0 Likes

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